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We got it Again!

We got a 100% on our health inspection for the second time in a row.  
​Thank you to our wonderful staff and patrons.—David and Tami Skeen

What people are saying about Riffle Cafe

Cute little place. I got the Big Kahuna burger with fries. Friends told me to stop there and we did
​enjoy every bite.  —Urban Spoon

Unbelievable menu, friendly service. Corned beef hash & bisquits and gravy to die for—extra Lipitor tonight!—Urban Spoon

We had breakfast there yesterday and the RIffle Cafe really had excellent service and the egg and sausage and cheese on grilled English muffin served with hash browns was excellent. My husband had the gravy and biscuits with a sausage patty which was also seriously good eats. They have good coffee too.—Urban Spoon

The Hawaiian burger was delicious, juicy, and flavorful on a ciabatta roll.—Yelp

The Ambers Beny is wonderful, the burgers are awesome and you gotta love the sweet potato fries!—Yelp

My good friend always wants to have breakfast there when we are in the area, which is every month or two.—Yelp